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Why YourCab Taxi Rentals?

YourCab is leading the way to ensure the licensed Bristol taxi trade can meet the expectations of today’s consumers, your passengers.


YourCab are investing in Bristol taxi drivers who want to deliver a world class customer service to the Bristol customer.

Whether passengers are hailed on the street, the corporate sector or tourists, renting a cab from YourCab means you benefit from driving the best taxis available on the market, with none of the worries of ownership.  Buying the latest taxis currently available, YourCab will continue to invest in the cleanest greenest taxis as they come to market.


YourCab is the taxi rental arm of CityFox Taxis, both part of the CityFox Group. When you rent from us you'll be supplied with a card machine, insurance, tax and our vehicles are all serviced by our really good engineering team.


Although YourCab is a new brand, it's actually been trading for two years through our sister company CityFox Taxis and has supplied hundreds of drivers with cabs and even though we are new, so little has changed about us. We still believe that taxis  can be so much more than just a means to an end – our clients are right to expect extraordinary standards, and by allying the latest technologies with traditional customer service values, we can not only disrupt the industry, we can revolutionise it.


Today, our iconic cars are responsible for getting thousands of people where they need to go each year in Bristol and Bath. And with our business expanding every day – across the UK – we will continue to deliver that same executive service consistently, no matter where we are.